Claire (fleximango) wrote in the500caldiet,


hi ladies,
i'm claire, 21 years old, around 5'7" and a mildly revolting 150 pounds. i averaged between 128-135 in high school (i've been gaining steadily since senior year) and want to get back there; don't want to be too skinny cause i might lose what little boob fat i have! so basically, my bmi now is 23 or so and i want to get it down to 20 or 21. i'm trying to restrict calories while keeping up with cardio every day. are there any ways to keep your metabolism up when you keep below the 900 calories a day threshold? i've been trying green tea, but this is only my 2nd day of serious restriction and i'm not too familiar with any techniques that people might use.

if anyone is looking to lose 20-25 pounds through restriction and wants a moral support buddy, feel free to add me and we can help each other out during the next few weeks!
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