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My last plan crashed and failed I went from 144 to 128 in about a month but then got sick, and tried to be healthy, but ultimately got off track and gained it all back plus maybe a little more. So my plan now is something compared to the way I lost all my weight in high school and got down to 113 or so. I basically juice fasted (just liquids) without counting calories. And then I allowed one day (Sunday) to eat healthily, which means one meal.

So I started on Monday with no problems but for some reason the weakness hit me really quick. So I had a small bowl of rice yesterday and two rice cakes with peanut butter on them. And my Energy is a lot better and my strength is back up. I went to the grocery store and got Juices for the “fast”. Lots of varieties so I don’t freak out and quit. Also I got BABY FOOD for emergencies. I accept that since it isn’t a solid and it’s really low in calories.

So I am going to non-solid/liquid fast mon-sat and have one healthy sized meal on Sunday until I am an acceptable weight. And yes if I somehow binge when I am half awake or when I am drunk or whatever, I will be putting myself through hell and throwing it all up as much as possible.

Liquids that are acceptable…
100% Juice
Liquid yogurt
Fresh Fruit Smoothies
Veggie juices
Vegetable Broth

In Emergencies of weakness
Small doses of Ice cream
Milk shakes
Baby food

So I will weigh myself as soon as I get a chance so I have a starting point.
If anyone wants to join and use the same plan or a variation of my plan then let me know. I am Clubmix1996 on AIM.
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